Automating Material Change Requests

Changes on the product floor are a part of doing business, unavoidable.  You might as well embrace change by automating it.  How do you track the changes today?  Relying on your ERP system from our experience doesn’t cover all that change typically entails.  For example, how do you track if approvals are required, bins need to be relabeled, updating your CAD system, or the disposition of removed parts?  StrataFlows’ Material Change Request tracking does all of this and more.

Here are some of the more common events that require change requests 

  • Location change – a certain assembly line or part is now being moved to a new plant location.  Coordinating transportation, equipment, and personnel requires transparency.  StrataFlows will automate each step in the process and insure all the resources are needed. 
  • Replacing parts with newer versions – coordinate disposal or sale of existing materials, transportation/ logistics for receiving new parts, changes to equipment to work with updated materials, and training of personnel are all steps necessary in implementing these changes.  It’s imperative that this is coordinated in an organized and efficient manner.   
  • Change of Supplier – sourcing materials from new suppliers would require changes in transportation and other logistics.  In some cases, there could be slight variations in material quality or other characteristics.  Having the right process outlined with automation built-in is essential in getting past these types of hurdles. 
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StrataFlows’ Material Change Request module will help your team to perform changes without missteps or mistakes.  You can determine the reason for the change, automate engineering approval, the type of material, and how to dispose of old or outdated materials.  Each step of the process can be tailored to your needs and automated based on the specific scenario.  Appropriate staff will be notified for each step of the process.  At any point, you will have total transparency for each step within your organization and with your suppliers. 

For the past 10 years manufacturers, 3PLs, and suppliers have trusted StrataFlows.  StrataFlows is a SaaS solution that provides a no code low code platform.  It comes with 40+ built-in modules that can be customized to your business including its Material Change Request module.  We can create any module without coding – that’s what makes us unique.  If you can define it, we can build it on our no code low code platform.

If you would like to learn more, Visit StrataFlows website or Schedule a Brief Web Call with one of our product specialists.

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