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Customized Processes for your Operations

For 10 years, StrataFlows has created 40+ modules to automate processes for any industry like manufacturing, logistics, construction, service industries and municipalities. StrataFlows integrates with other tools including SAP and QuickBooks. Existing modules can be modified to meet the requirements of each customer, or if you can define your process, it can be created with our no-code/low-code platform.



The modules listed are just some of the ways that StrataFlows can improve your organization’s throughput. If the stock modules described do not fit your needs, request a free consultation to see if tailoring one of the many other modules we’ve done for other customers might be right for you.

Material Flow Action Guide

Dividing and managing tasks amongst teams can improve productivity, provide accountability, and help to avoid disruptions.

Hot parts solution

Avoid disruptions due to part shortages by automating parts in the supply chain.

StrataFlows’ Supplier Expedite

Automates the full process of expediting parts from a supplier–from submission, supplier communication, through delivery–providing visibility throughout.

material availability management

Analyze the cause of missing parts with the Material Availability at Point of Use module.

Track Issues in Manufacturing

Automates machine downtime tracking and defines the reason for each stop in your production.


Stop wasting valuable time on repetitive tasks and spend more time on strategic initiatives with a Robotic Process Automation solution.

Working with the development team was a breeze and they could handle every request asked of them…the platform was always stable and never experienced any outages. The forms were easy to use, and the platform was easy to connect to using popular Business Analysis tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. Also available on mobile!

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Why choose StrataFlows?


The StrataFlows flexible workflow system organizes teams and individuals so that everyone knows their part.


Improve efficiency, consistency, and traceability through automation.


Automatic notifications prompt staff to play their part and keep everyone informed.

Save time by automating and tracking your operations

Tailored Processes

Leverage custom StrataFlows modules to bridge or plug process holes in or between other systems to automate repeatable processes that would otherwise be manual and ad-hoc.

Avoid Disruptions

StrataFlows helps organizations like yours automate in a repeatable fashion how you react and avoid disruptions.

Affordable and Easy

Unlike manual processes, spreadsheets, or long email chains, StrataFlows is an affordable, easy to use solution designed to engage everyone in your organization and ensure efficient operations.

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Affordably Scales, Mission Critical Ready

Affordably scales from just a few users to enterprise-level – built by a very experienced team of developers, the platform delivers enterprise-level security, availability, scalability.

Perfect for Distributed Operations

Available globally via the cloud. Teams that are remote that need to play a part in a process are easily able to see when it is their turn in a process either by monitoring their queue, email, or even SMS.

Tailored to fit.

Whether you start with one of our pre-built processes or engage with our services team to build a process from scratch, the result will be tailored to your needs in terms of workflow, forms, and notifications.


Regardless of your enterprise-level demands, the Strataflows platform can meet the requirements. Ask us about our premier level support including the option for a dedicated technical account manager.

Cloud-hosted. Nothing to install.

The Strataflows platform is fully cloud-native, with nothing to deploy. You can see ROI in days not months. No hardware to purchase or software to install.

Experienced Process Experts

Strataflows has an experienced team ready to help provide the services required to help you maximize the value of our platform.

Talk with us and see how we can help you.