• Keep Production Flowing

    The affordable, easy to use tool that Deere, Case, and others use to effectively deal with material flow disruptions.


Our flexible workflow system ensures teams and individuals know what part they play and when to do their part.


Improve efficiency, consistency, and traceability through automation.


Automatic notifications prompt staff to play their part and keep everyone informed.

StrataFlows in a nutshell

For manufacturers or those who supply them with parts or materials.
Eliminates production outages due to material flow and other sources of disruption that can cost $1,000s per minute while improving visibility and morale for those involved in the supply chain.

Provides automated processes (modules) for everything related to ensuring production keeps running, including hot parts requests, supplier expedites, issue tracking, count requests, downtime tracking, and more.

Helps organizations like yours automate in a repeatable fashion how you react and avoid disruptions.

Unlike manual processes, spreadsheets, or complex supply chain applications, StrataFlows is an affordable, easy to access solution designed with simplicity to engage everyone across the supply chain with a focus on keeping production flowing.

Leverage custom StrataFlows modules to bridge or plug process holes in or between other systems to automate repeatable processes that would otherwise be manual and ad-hoc.  

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Before StrataFlows, our hot part process was out of control. Implementing it is the best money we’ve ever spent on process improvement.
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Free Download

The 2020 Material Flow "Hot Parts" Action Guide

Tips & tricks for reducing material flow disruptions, how to get your parts faster in the case of a shortage, and root cause analysis made easy so you don’t have to transform into the Chief Shortage Officer. 

In the StrataFlows Material Flow “Hot Parts” Action Guide, explore 7 steps you can implement today to overcome disruptions and ensure your “hottest” parts are available at the right time, place, and quantity.

StrataFlos's Material Flow "Hot Parts" Action Guide


Tailored to fit

Whether you start with one of our pre-built processes or engage with our services team to build a process from scratch, the result will be tailored to your needs in terms of workflow, forms, and notifications.

Perfect for distributed operations

Available globally via the cloud. Teams that are remote that need to play a part in a process are easily able to see when it is their turn in a process either by monitoring their queue, email, or even SMS.

Affordably scales, Mission critical ready

Affordably scales from just a few users to enterprise level – built by a very experienced team of developers, the platform delivers enterprise level security, availability, scalability.

Enterprise ready

Regardless of your enterprise-level demands, the Strataflows platform can meet the requirements. Ask us about our premier level support including the option for a dedicated technical account manager.

Cloud-hosted, nothing to install

The Strataflows platform is fully cloud-native, nothing to deploy. You can see ROI in days not months. No hardware to purchase or software to install.

Experienced process experts available to assist

Strataflows has an experienced team ready to help provide the services required to help you maximize the value of our platform.

Available Process Modules

Hot Part

Hot Parts

Avoid disruptions due to part shortages by automating part expedites from external warehouses.

Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker

Automatically track issues impairing material flow to ensure resolution.

Supplier Expedites

Supplier Expedites​

Automates the full process of expediting parts from a supplier–from submission, supplier communication, through delivery–providing visibility throughout.

Inventory Count

Useful for cycle counts or one-off sampling of inventory in the warehouse or plant floor.

Downtime Tracker

Downtime Tracker

Nothing impacts the bottom line more than under utilization of production capacity due to unplanned downtime.

The modules listed above are just some examples of how Strataflows can improve your factories through-put. If the stock modules described on this site do not fit your needs, click here to request a free consultation to see if tailoring one of the many other modules we’ve done for other customers might be right for you.

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