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Material Flow

Combat Disruptions in your Material Flow 

Disruptions of any kind in your material flow cost a lot of money. Stay in the know and find out what is causing the issues in your material flow. From the supplier to the point of use, visibility to every step in the process keeps your peace of mind.

Hot Parts 

Track part shortages in your entire material flow process with the StrataFlows Hot Parts module. Errors in fulfillment and miscommunication lead to a vast majority of part shortage issues for manufacturers, suppliers, and 3PLs. The Hot Part module provides an automated approach to targeting part shortages with an interface that enables communication, analysis, and visibility all in one place:​

  • Capture the 5 ‘Ws’ – who, what, when, why, where​
  • Notify users instantly when a part shortage is found​
  • Reduce errors and increase efficiency
Manage Material Flow more effectively
product flow in supply chain

Supplier Expedite

Automate the submission, communication, and delivery of the supplier expedite process with the StrataFlows Supplier Expedite module. Keep your suppliers accountable to their delivery dates, material quality, and bill of materials. The Supplier Expedite module is a one-stop shop to manage issues that may be the root cause for expediting shipments.​

  • Accountability for suppliers and team members​
  • Communication among all teams​
  • Visibility to root causes

Why Choose StrataFlows?



Our flexible workflow system ensures teams and individuals know what part they play and when to do their part.

Automate Material Flow processes


Improve efficiency, consistency, and traceability through automation.

Manage Material Flow disruptions


Automatic notifications prompt staff to play their part and keep everyone informed.

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