Task Management

Task Management

Mitigate your supply chain disruptions efficiently

Dividing and managing tasks amongst teams can improve productivity, provide accountability, and help to avoid disruptions. StrataFlows’ Task Management module helps your employees with more clarity

Easily conquer and divide large tasks

StrataFlows’ task management module helps to effectively monitor and distribute tasks amongst your team. Your team will be able to respond to incidents, hot part requests, supplier expedites, and more by tackling tasks in a timely manner

Task Management

Task management for your ease


Easily assign tasks to each individual that is registered to the system and see everyone else’s workflow


Track upcoming deadlines and team goals by visualizing them through charts and graphs


Continuously be in contact with the team and let everyone know your completed tasks

Features designed with you in mind

Keeping up with tasks and managing them is crucial for team morale and organization. This module can help elevate workplace performance

  • Alerts: Get automated alerts through mobile app or email when tasks are updated
  • Integration: Integrate with other systems via an API supports automating to your other systems like Google Calendars
  • Export/Synchronize: Easily synchronize data into Microsoft PowerBI, Excel or Tableau
  • Native Mobile App: Enter downtime events via a mobile device from the plant floor¬†

Benefits of using StrataFlows


Using the reports and dashboard, visualize trends, week-over-week and month-over-month to see where you are improving.

Root Cause Analysis

Systematically track the resolution of the cause applying root cause analysis for the most common causes using 5-Whys or Fishbone techniques.

Native Mobile App

Enter issues via a mobile device from the plant floor.


Get alerts on your mobile device or email when issues occur or are resolved.


Integration with other systems via an API supports automated tracking.


Easily synchronize data into data analysis tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Excel, or Tableau.

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