Zero Trust Security Built In with StrataFlows Low Code Process Automation

Zero Trust is the new standard for securing your business against Ransomware and Cybersecurity Threats

The Zero Trust Security Model works under the premise “never trust, always verify”. StrataFlows implements Zero Trust in its Low Code Process Automation platform by establishing strong identity verification, validating device compliance prior to granting access, and ensuring least privilege access to only explicitly authorized resources.

Security, Privacy, and Governance

StrataFlows adheres to Zero Trust principles in the fight to keep your data and devices safe.


  • Do not trust the device
    • Authenticate the device
    • MFA, IAM integration for user auth
    • Check device posture (secure access)
  • Multiscan/CDR for all inputs
  • Re-scan frequently for threats/vulnerabilities 


  • By default, detect PII or other sensitive data for all I/O
    • Form Fields
    • Attachments
    • Emails
  • Adhere to privacy by design principals 


  • Full audit logs
  • Publish all changes for aggregation to SIEMs
  • Fine-grained role-based access control 
  • Data loss detection

Zero-Trust Adoption Industry Wide

Mandated by Governments with Private Sector close behind

Required for Critical Infrastructure solutions

StrataFlows – A low code/no code platform with Zero Trust built in


Cloud hosted – accessible
from anywhere

Mobile app – enabling use
from any device

Automated payments –allows customers to pay through app

Built-in Dashboards to help
you visualize your data

Time stamps – know exactly
when users perform actions

Integrates with AMANDA, GIS,
payment providers, Outlook,
and more

Secure – supports the industry standard SSO and encryption

40+ templates to build
processes from

Agile, iterative approach leads
to lightning fast results


400k+ users

35k+ hours saved

700k+ $ saved

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