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Streamline Your Purchased Hot Requests to Improve Efficiency

As a 3PL for John Deere, Hodge is moving thousands of parts a week through their warehouses. They needed a better management system that allowed them to bring visibility, communication, accountability, and efficiency to their workflows. Continue reading the case study to see how StrataFlows and their modules were the answer The Hodge Company needed.

I’m so relieved to no longer worry about the stress of juggling hundreds of emails daily with copies of Excel spreadsheets trying to track and communicate changes … There will always be issues that still interfere with that, but with this system, we can have the necessary visibility and control to know we’ve done what we can to ensure parts are where they need to be.” Jay Zimmer

Trinity Supply Chain Solutions

View the Trinity Case Study

“Hot Parts” Solution Creates Sense of Relief for Trinity

As a 3PL, Trinity provides VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) directly to assembly lines. Prior to implementing StrataFlows, one of the significant issues they faced was obtaining data from Hot Part requests and being able to track the location and availability of parts inventory in real-time. Now using StrataFlows, along with the decrease in daily requests, reoccurring incidents are down thanks to the data reporting provided by the modules which allows for root cause analysis. View the case study to see the multiple ways StrataFlows help their workflows. 

Before using StrataFlows our team was fielding 150-200 part requests a day via email, phone calls, and Excel sheets. After implementing StrataFlows, we are now down to 10-15 requests a day.” Jay Rudisill, Warehouse Manager

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