Software for Building Permits, Burn Permits, Business Licenses, and more

Software Solutions for Local Governments and Municipalities

Move your local government into the 21st century with online permitting and more. Give your citizens the service they deserve. With optional 24/7 support and remote access to the information you want, the StrataFlows platform is everything you need.

Permitting and Licensing Software

By automating Permitting and Licensing, we have dramatically reduced the number of phone calls and number of in-person visits.  Unlike most solutions that force you to conform to their platform, StrataFlows can be tailored to your organization.

Building Permit

Automate building permit submissions

Sign Permit

Citizens can apply for sign permits online and receive automatic updates

Dog License

Fully automate processes for obtaining or renewing dog licenses

Burn Permit

Automatically approve burn permit applications

Business License

Submit requests for obtaining or renewing business licenses

Property Tax Change

Give citizens the ability to document property tax changes automatically

Municipal Heritage Register

Electronically store details of any properties that are of cultural heritage value

Citizen Request Manager

Capture and respond seamlessly to citizen requests

Custom Applications

Tell us the type of application you need and we will build it in as little as a few days



We’ll work with you to find out what solutions

work to fit your needs

Application Development

We build a solution and integrate with

your existing systems

Deployment and Support

We’ll be with you every step of the way


We use an iterative approach and deliver

fast results


Cloud hosted – accessible
from anywhere

Mobile app – enabling use
from any device

Automated payments –allows customers to pay through app

Built-in Dashboards to help
you visualize your data

Time stamps – know exactly
when users perform actions

Integrates with AMANDA, GIS,
payment providers, Outlook,
and more

Secure – supports the industry standard SSO and encryption

40+ templates to build
processes from

Agile, iterative approach leads
to lightning fast results


400k+ users

35k+ hours saved

700k+ $ saved

Talk with us and see how we can help you