About us

About Us

StrataFlows is a product built on the Stratawise platform.  Stratawise’ purpose is to provide easy to use, easy to configure process automation software that permits manufacturers and 3rd party logistics suppliers to operate more efficiently and consistently while providing metrics that can be used to help drive process improvement.

Our founders were (are) well-seasoned process automation experts, with decades of experience creating software to help companies automate a wide array of processes in manufacturing, 3rd party logistics, human resources, IT, and healthcare. After years of using other automation tools and being involved in the creation of other workflow platforms, the founding team knew they could raise the bar on configurability, ease of use, and adaptability and do it as a native cloud application, which would permit the founders to create a scalable, reliable, and cost effective solution that can surpass current user expectations.

The first versions of the platform were created over five years ago for the founders to apply on behalf of customers, and now after constant iteration and simplification, the tool is exposed for customers to self-serve. Any company with a need can now register and create custom workflows to address their custom process needs. But at the same time, the team is available to provide services for companies that want someone else to build out the processes.

Stratawise strives to create software that helps those involved in supply chains do their jobs safer and more efficiently. Ultimately, we strive to help people feel more successful and satisfied playing their part in the chain.  We do this by providing a software system that gets out of the way while providing automated visibility, communication, and control for the processes they rely on.

The Core of the Company

Value Focused 

We continuously find ways to help improve client workflows, saving them from spending unnecessary money.


Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed and prosper as a result of applying our tools. 


We strive to be long-term partners with all of our clients. By working together both companies are able to improve and grow together. 


We will do whatever it takes to address, correct, and irradicate issues within our client’s workflows, allow them to run more efficiently 


There is always a way to improve upon your workflows. It is our mission to find what works and improve upon that and make it work better. 

Vision Oriented

Our clients count on us to lead them to efficient solutions based on our industry-wide knowledge and expertise. 

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