Downtime Tracker

downtime tracker

Ensure production resources are optimally utilized 

Nothing impacts the bottom line more than the under utilization of production capacity due to unplanned downtime. Use StrataFlows’ Downtime Tracker module to easily avoid unforeseen disruptions

Automate the tracking and analysis of downtime

Companies that accumulate downtime in their manufacturing process lose a significant amount of production time. StrataFlows’ Downtime tracking module allows for immediate tracking for machine downtime and defining a reason for each halt in production.  

Downtime Tracker

Downtime tracking done your way


Get alerts on your mobile device or email when production stops or restarts


Systematically track the resolution of the cuase applying root cause analysis 


Generate reports and dashboards, visualize trends, and see areas of improvement

Features designed with you in mind

StrataFlows’ downtime tracker ensures production resources are optimally utilized. Therefore it supports the process of continuous improvement within your organization. 

See improvements in: 

  • Part Flow
  • Training for operators
  • Quality control issues
  • Staff shortages
  • Preventative maintenance

Benefits of using StrataFlows


Using the reports and dashboard, visualize trends, week-over-week and month-over-month to see where you are improving.

Root Cause Analysis

Systematically track the resolution of the cause applying root cause analysis for the most common causes using 5-Whys or Fishbone techniques.

Native Mobile App

Enter issues via a mobile device from the plant floor.


Get alerts on your mobile device or email when issues occur or are resolved.


Integration with other systems via an API supports automated tracking.


Easily synchronize data into data analysis tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Excel, or Tableau.

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