Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker

Capture and link issues to impacted parts of your material flow

Over dependency on manual efforts and siloed knowledge in issue tracking is time consuming, and expensive for teams. Automate incident management with StrataFlows’ Issue Tracker

Collaborate with teams and partners to quickly track and resolve issues

There are a myriad of issues that can hamper optimal material flow. It is important that staff captures them as they occur, assign an initial root cause, and then have the issue routed and prioritized to ensure it is addressed. 

Common material flow issues:

Issue Tracker

Unified issue tracking and prevention


Record the material flow issue details easily and effectively, wherever you are 


Automatically route and coordinate with partners for quick resolution


Record root cause and analyze for informed future issue prevention

Features designed with you in mind

StrataFlow’s Issue Tracker enables the operator or material coordinator to capture the incident quickly and easily. The automated workflow facilitates ensuring the issue is addressed and that the resolution is captured.

For each incident, you can capture the following details and more:

  • Category
  • Who submitted
  • What material
  • Where (department or workcenter)
  • When did the issue occur
  • Why it occurred; what was the root cause
  • How it was resolved

Benefits of using StrataFlows


Using the reports and dashboard, visualize trends, week-over-week and month-over-month to see where you are improving.

Root Cause Analysis

Systematically track the resolution of the cause applying root cause analysis for the most common causes using 5-Whys or Fishbone techniques.

Native Mobile App

Enter issues via a mobile device from the plant floor.


Get alerts on your mobile device or email when issues occur or are resolved.


Integration with other systems via an API supports automated tracking.


Easily synchronize data into data analysis tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Excel, or Tableau.

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