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Digitally Transforming Logistics in the Supply Chain

Companies have increasingly been adopting newer technologies in recent months to get a jump start after the Covid-19 slump. With customer demand being so volatile in many industries, it has often been a task for 3PL and 4PL companies to … Read More

Amazon’s Meteoric Growth in a Pandemic

Amazon’s logistics footprint grew a meteoric 50% during 2020, all with a pandemic going on. What is the secret to Amazon’s successful growth this past year? 1 word: Automation. People sometimes associate automation with downsizing or a way to cut … Read More

Innovation Struggles in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Innovation can be tough task for smaller businesses looking to get a competitive advantage. In the US small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are generally companies with less than 500 employees, but based on the industry, ownership structure, and revenue, that … Read More

Robots Taking Over Supply Chain

Robots and robotic processes are portrayed in many Hollywood blockbusters as a part of the science fiction world, but now they are becoming a crucial component of the manufacturing and logistics industries. Deloitte says these autonomous robots can range anywhere … Read More

Safety Stock vs Lean Manufacturing

In this time of volatile markets, supply chains are struggling to find the right balance between keeping lean manufacturing practices with just-in-time (JIT) inventory strategies and buffered inventory levels with plenty of safety stock. According to Gartner VP of Supply … Read More

Logistics Nightmares: Freight Transportation During Weather Events

Unexpected weather events can wreak havoc on domestic freight transportation and the 4 ‘ways’: roadways, railways, runways, and waterways. Trucking (on roadways) is the largest (70% of the manufacturing and warehousing industries) and often the hardest hit industry for that … Read More

Using Big Data to Optimize Operations

Manufacturing and logistics companies have vast amounts of big data that is often underutilized in their operational decision making. This Dark Data, as Gartner defines it, is “the information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but … Read More

Visibility: Stay Resilient When Supply Chains Change

According to The Economist, when the swine-flu pandemic of 2009 happened “companies ramped up production…only to be driven to the verge of bankruptcy when demand fell back to normal”. Building resilience in your company to plan for changes is vital … Read More

Optimize Material Flow: Analyze Issues and Exceptions

StrataFlows Featured as an Expert Columnist in Supply & Drive Chain Executive Material Flow Analysis (MFA), or Process Flow Analysis (PFA), is fundamental to any material handling strategy. MFA aims to map, inspect, and evaluate all flow of materials from … Read More

Technology Solutions: Thriving Amid Disruptions

Resiliency has been the overwhelming theme in the past year as companies have grappled with changes in the supply chain due to Covid-19. As the ProMatDX approaches in April, manufacturers are reminded of software solutions that give them more visibility … Read More