Finding Your Next Purple Squirrel in Manufacturing

The quest for the purple squirrel — that elusive, perfectly-qualified job candidate — has long been a central focus in recruitment circles. This term, coined by employment recruiters, describes the job candidate with the precise right education, set of experiences, and qualifications that fits the job requirements to a tee. The hunt for such an individual in the manufacturing sector has become especially challenging due to the recent Great Resignation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and an evolving technological landscape.

The Need for Purple Squirrels in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has been particularly hit hard by these changes. The supply chain interruptions and shutdowns instigated by the pandemic led to mass layoffs and furloughs across the sector. Now, with demand surging and talent in short supply, companies are struggling to replace lost employees. Data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reveals that as of July 2022, 45% of manufacturing job openings remain vacant, and the National Association of Manufacturers predicts that by 2030, 2.1 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled.

This challenging landscape makes the search for purple squirrels in the manufacturing industry more crucial than ever. The ideal candidate who can handle all responsibilities of a job description with no training and who can function with efficiency and innovation is a key asset in these challenging times.

4 Steps to Attract Top Talent

Competitive Compensation and Opportunities for Advancement

Competitive pay is perhaps the most straightforward and effective solution to attract top talent. In a labor market where employees worry about rising costs due to inflation, offering annual raises that exceed the cost of living increases can not only attract new talent but also incentivize them to stay. Additionally, creating opportunities for advancement within the organization can help dispel the misconception that manufacturing jobs offer limited growth potential.

Technological Innovation and Diverse Talent Pool

As manufacturing continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation, investing in new technologies can attract tech-savvy talent. Embracing automation not only appeals to such candidates but also improves the work experience for the existing workforce by allowing them to focus on more fulfilling creative and strategic pursuits.

Broadening the talent search to include diverse candidates and reducing implicit bias in the hiring process can also help attract a wider range of talent. As industries focus more on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), hiring diverse talent and creating an inclusive environment can significantly enhance the company’s workforce and reputation.

Employee Experience and Brand Values

Cultivating a positive work environment and providing on-site benefits and programs can boost employee engagement and attract more top talent. Staying flexible to help employees manage their work-life balance is also essential. When it comes to attracting and retaining staff, aligning with the values of the prospective employees is crucial. Young talent, in particular, seek employers who are conscious of social and climate issues and the environmental impacts of manufacturing.

Soft Skills

In addition to the technical qualifications, manufacturing organizations are also seeking candidates with strong “soft skills.” Attributes like good attitude, punctuality, reliability, ambition, eagerness to learn, strong communication skills, and a strong work ethic are highly sought after in this sector. Soft skills can be easy to overlook when hiring.

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How StrataFlows Can Help

On the technology front, StrataFlows can support your efforts to digitize and automate your manufacturing processes. It can identify areas where automation can improve efficiency, thereby helping to attract tech-savvy talent and make the work more fulfilling for your current workforce. We give you more time to spend on sifting through the talent pools by automating the manual work that you have on a day to day basis. We can be your purple squirrel.

In conclusion, in the current challenging landscape, finding the perfect candidate for manufacturing jobs may seem like a daunting task. However, by adopting the right strategies and leveraging advanced solutions like StrataFlows, you can successfully attract and retain top talent, ensuring the continued growth and success of your organization. Your next purple squirrel is out there, and with the right tools and tactics, you will find them.

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