Track assembly line issues in manufacturing
Incident and Task Management

Tackle Incidents in your Supply Chain Efficiently 

Manual efforts and siloed knowledge can be extremely inefficient. Automate incident management and task management with StrataFlows.

Issue Tracker 

Jump on any impediments to optimal material flow with the Issue Tracker module from StrataFlows. Capture incidents, perform root cause analysis, and prioritize the most impactful problems.​

  • Inventory Discrepancies​
  • Supplier Issues​
  • Warehouse Errors​
  • BOM Errors
Track Issues in Manufacturing
Track Issues in Manufacturing

Task Management

Divide and conquer processes and projects with the StrataFlows Task Management module. Improve productivity, provide accountability, and stop disruptions. Whether you need to divvy up tasks for incidents, supplier expedites or another important process in your operation. 

Why Choose StrataFlows?

Task Management module


Our flexible workflow system ensures teams and individuals know what part they play and when to do their part.

Task Management module


Improve efficiency, consistency, and traceability through automation.

Task Management module


Automatic notifications prompt staff to play their part and keep everyone informed.

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