Inventory Cycle Count Solution

Assess the accuracy of your warehouse

Maintaining accurate inventory is mission-critical for today’s modern supply chain. Perform cycle counting with ease using StrataFlows’ Inventory Count solution.

Keep your inventory numbers up to date.

Companies that perform cycle count programs regularly, rarely ever have to shut down to perform physical counts. It’s simply too expensive to close a warehouse or plant for the day! StataFlows’ Inventory Count solution enables you to have exact on-hand quantities in external and internal warehouses, allowing you to optimize your production planning and execute an efficient fulfillment process.

  • Shortened periods of time between physical counts of any part
  • Reduce errors
  • Fewer inventory write-offs
Inventory Count Solution

Inventory Tracking Done Your Way

Inventory Tracking


Request specific material you would like inventoried based on part or location.

Inventory Tracking


Coordinate with internal and external staff while keeping key parties informed.

Inventory Tracking


Analyze impacted supply chain materials, measure and improve.

Features designed with you in mind.

Assessing the accuracy of your inventory is critical to keeping production flowing. Regardless of your inventory sampling strategy, this Inventory Count module can serve as the place to request, communicate, and track the count results.

  • Specific part count: Make and track requests to count parts in factory or warehouse location.
  • Expected versus actual count: Capture the actual and expected count of material.
  • Select additional recipients: Notify users about your warehouse inventory request.
  • Enter need by time: Enter the time by which you need your warehouse inventoried.
  • Measure and Improve: Track your percentage of accuracy and trace down the root cause of discrepancies.

Benefits of using StrataFlows


Using the reports and dashboard, visualize trends, week-over-week and month-over-month to see where you are improving.

Root Cause Analysis

Systematically track the resolution of the cause applying root cause analysis for the most common causes using 5-Whys or Fishbone techniques.

Native Mobile App

StrataFlows’ workflow engine Enter issues via a mobile device from the plant floor.


Get alerts on your mobile device or email when issues occur or are resolved.


Integration with other systems via an API supports automated tracking.


Easily synchronize data into data analysis tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Excel, or Tableau.

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