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The Importance of Material Handling in Manufacturing

Material Handling is one of the most important components in manufacturing.  What is it, you may ask?  In simple terms, it is defined as moving materials.  In manufacturing, the production system set-up is crucial. A plant’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability is dependent on successful material flow. Without it, production would grind …

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man with blue hard hat handling materials

The Ten Principles of Material Handling

The College Industry Council on Material Handling Education (CICMHE) of the Material Handling Institute, Inc., has adapted the 10 principles of material handling. The experience of generations of material handling engineers has been summarized here for new and seasoned practitioners. Each of these principles are discussed in the following sections. …

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Essential infrastructure worker keeping production flowing during the Covid-19 pandemic

Keeping Parts Flowing for Essential Infrastructure

There’s never a good time for an event like the COVID-19 outbreak, but humbly we should all appreciate that it happened after cloud-delivered software solutions became a thing.  During these times, the usual list of advantages of cloud-hosted solutions aren’t worth touting, the key advantage to focus on in these …

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Objects in a warehouse being manufactured to demonstrate manufacturing solutions.

Keeping Production Flowing During Stressful Times

In the best of times, keeping production flowing is challenging.  Those working to ensure the right parts are in the right place at the right time are used to novel surprises causing disruptions, but none of us has seen a bigger surprise than the level of impact from the worldwide COVID-19 …

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