5 Ways to Improve Process Automation

There are many reasons why 3PLs and manufacturing companies have inefficiencies with their processes. These inefficiencies cause disruption in material flow, increase downtime, and cause delays which ultimately cost businesses time and resources.

Here are 5 ways to improve your Process Automation

  1. Improve Communication – Poor communication is the root of all evil.  Having efficient and automated ways to communicate are essential.  Automated messaging/notification via mobile apps, SMS, and email can help.
  2. Better Transparency –Transparency is the key to better communication.  Having a simple automated way to knowing which step of the process is complete, who is responsible, and next steps in the process is always key.
  3. Identify Bottlenecks – Use Root Cause Analysis or common sense.  Take the time necessary to determine where your delays originate.  Is it an issue with a specific department not responding timely, maintenance issues, slow internet, or using software that is not tailored for your business?  Focusing on the specific issues is the only way to improve performance.
  4. Standardize Processes – It is important to identify what works best and to consistently perform the right actions in the correct order.  It’s easier to identify issues and make improvements when there is a consistent process.  Always strive for best practices and utilize the tools necessary to standardize them.
  5. Better automation – reducing manual processes will reduce errors, increase production, and lower costs.  Up to date machinery and equipment along with the right software solutions will provide an immediate ROI.

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The key to having effective Process Automation, is the Automation part of it. Identify best practices and automate them. It sounds simple, but it takes a lot of persistence. You also need to have the right people, machinery, and software technology (we can help with the latter).

For the past 10 years manufacturers, 3PLs, and suppliers have trusted StrataFlows. StrataFlows is a SaaS solution that provides a no code low code platform. It comes with 40+ built-in modules that can be customized to your business. We can create any module without coding – that’s what makes us unique. If you can define it, we can build it on our no code low code platform.

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