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Affordable Billing/Invoicing System Tailored to your Organization

Most Billing systems are either way too complex or expensive.  What’s even worse is that they expect you to change your business practices to work with their solution.  StrataFlows offers an affordable Billing/Invoicing system that is tailored to your organization.  StrataFlows has helped organizations better manage billing/invoicing by providing a …

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Project Management Software

Project Management Software that is Tailored to your Organization

Are you tired of project management solutions that force you to change your business practices to work with their software.  I think you will find our solution refreshing.  StrataFlows has helped organizations better manage projects by providing a flexible solution tailored for each organization.  You can easily know the cost …

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Manufacturing and Logisitics in Warehouse

Automating Inventory Processes for Manufacturers and 3PLs

StrataFlows has specialized in helping manufacturers and 3PLs address Inventory related issues for the past 10 years.   Our Inventory processes are customized for each organization and plant.  We can easily integrate with any ERP or homegrown system.  Here are just a few of our features: Material Availability:  Capture the who, …

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Automate Permitting for Local and State Governments

StrataFlows has created features for all kinds of industries.  For years, we have supported state and local governments with software for Building Permits, Burn Permits, Business Licenses, and more.   We provide an automated process for government administrators and give you a better way to serve your citizens. Here are just …

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StrataFlows Adds New Features for the Service Industry

StrataFlows continues to expand our features across multiple industries.  We recently added features that are geared towards the service industry.  However, any current or prospective StrataFlows’ customer can take advantage of our new functionality. Summary of the new features: Quoting:  Create professional proposals with a few clicks of the mouse …

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AWS Button Instantly Notifies You of Manufacturing Line Issues

Using a manual process to communicate when you have an issue with your manufacturing line is a tedious and time-consuming solution. In this day and age, you need to be quick and nimble to communicate to your team when there is an issue with the line. This will save companies, …

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Using Machine Learning to Automate Document Processing

As we continue to evolve the StrataFlows platform, we are excited to announce our latest advancement.  StrataFlows can now automate the processing of documents by using Machine Learning (ML) models to automatically pull data from various documents into actionable data. Imagine never having to manually enter the data from an …

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Process Automation – When is the Timing Right?

I bet you are super busy, and you desperately need to automate your processes in order to have any sanity.  However, you are just too busy to do anything about it.  What a dilemma.  Just think – with just a little effort you can address your issues that are causing …

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Pros and Cons of Custom vs Out-of-the-Box Software

A difficult decision is made each day across all types of organizations trying to automate processes.  Organizations try to decide whether to invest in an out-of-the-box solution, or they spend the time and resources developing a solution for their specific needs. Neither choice results in an optimal decision long-term. For …

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Automating Material Change Requests

Changes on the product floor are a part of doing business, unavoidable.  You might as well embrace change by automating it.  How do you track the changes today?  Relying on your ERP system from our experience doesn’t cover all that change typically entails.  For example, how do you track if approvals are required, bins need …

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Five Ways to Resolve Material Flow Issues

As you probably know, supply chains remain in chaos, and while in some aspects of the overall situation, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, it remains crucial to ensure that you get things right the first time.  Part delivery is slow and costly enough. You …

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best supply chain management software

The Worst of Two Evils – ERPs or Spreadsheets

You know your supply chain is a logistical nightmare with poor communication, a lack of standards, and little transparency.  On top of everything else, you are too busy putting out fires to think of a solution.  For most, it comes down to two solutions: 1) Trying to fix the issues by changing your ERP system.  It is …

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process automation

5 Ways to Improve Process Automation

There are many reasons why 3PLs and manufacturing companies have inefficiencies with their processes. These inefficiencies cause disruption in material flow, increase downtime, and cause delays which ultimately cost businesses time and resources. Here are 5 ways to improve your Process Automation Improve Communication – Poor communication is the root …

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