The Worst of Two Evils – ERPs or Spreadsheets

You know your supply chain is a logistical nightmare with poor communication, a lack of standards, and little transparency.  On top of everything else, you are too busy putting out fires to think of a solution.  For most, it comes down to two solutions:

1) Trying to fix the issues by changing your ERP system.  It is too complicated, would take time/resources, and heavy involvement of IT.  Considering budget and time constraints, it is not practical.

2) Spreadsheets – quick and dirty way to address issues.  This is not scalable.  Next steps are not automated.  Worst of all, there is no built-in communication.  It involves constant manual updating and emails back and forth.  Unless someone is constantly keeping spreadsheets updated, they will soon be full of inaccurate and out-of-date information.  Search your shared folders and you will see a graveyard of abandoned spreadsheets.   We have all been there.

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What if you could combine the power of an ERP with the quickness and ease of a spreadsheet?  This is really where StrataFlows comes into play.   We integrate with any ERP or homegrown system and create customized modules that automate your processes.  If you can define your process, we can create it without any coding.  For the past 10 years, we have worked with leading manufacturers and 3PLs creating 40+ modules including Hot Parts, Material Availability, Issue Tracking (with Root Cause Analysis), and Supplier Expedites to name a few.

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