Automating Inventory Processes for Manufacturers and 3PLs

StrataFlows has specialized in helping manufacturers and 3PLs address Inventory related issues for the past 10 years.   Our Inventory processes are customized for each organization and plant.  We can easily integrate with any ERP or homegrown system. 

Here are just a few of our features:

  • Material Availability:  Capture the who, what, when, and where
  • Supplier Expedites:  Automating the submission, supplier communication, and delivery process while giving management the visibility throughout the process
  • Cycle Counts:  Shortened periods of time between physical counts of any part, reduce errors, and have fewer inventory write-offs
  • Issue Tracking:  Capture and link issues to impacted parts of your material flow
  • Downtime Tracker:  Easily avoid unforeseen disruptions
  • Automate Part Expedites:  Be notified instantly throughout the process of part request, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and have continuous reporting
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Let StrataFlows do the work for you so you can focus on what really matters in your business.   We offer an affordable solution that can be customized for your organization.  Over our 10-year history, we have created more than 40+ modules for manufacturing, logistics, construction, municipalities, and service industries.  We can create solutions tailored to your needs in days not months or years.  Even if your desired solution doesn’t fit within our 40+ created modules, it can be created from scratch.  If you can define your process and we will build it in days.  StrataFlows is used by the largest fortune 500 companies and also used by small and medium size businesses across all industries.

If you would like to learn more, Visit StrataFlows website or Schedule a Brief Web Call with one of our product specialists.