AWS Button Instantly Notifies You of Manufacturing Line Issues

Using a manual process to communicate when you have an issue with your manufacturing line is a tedious and time-consuming solution. In this day and age, you need to be quick and nimble to communicate to your team when there is an issue with the line. This will save companies, time, effort and ultimately improve the bottom line by saving costs.  

The AWS IoT Button is a programmable button based on the Amazon Dash Button hardware. The button provides a 1-click configuration to connect to AWS.  AWS IoT buttons can be used to communicate assembly line issues quickly and effectively. 

How StrataFlows integrates with the AWS IoT buttons.  

 Use of an AWS IoT button to trigger a line issue has numerous use cases.  In this article we will be discussing how such a device can be used to communicate and resolve line down scenarios quickly.  

Today, a lot of factories and small businesses that run manufacturing or assembly lines still use communication mechanisms that are inefficient when time is of the essence. By utilizing an AWS IoT switch with StrataFlows, we can change this and communicate in real time. 

Each line would have an AWS IoT button associated with the line. 

When there is an issue on the line, the line operator can use the switch to indicate a problem. When the line operator triggers the switch, this information is automatically communicated to StrataFlows to create a line down ticket.  This triggers a cascading set of events notifying all the relevant staff.  StrataFlows can communicate this information to the relevant stakeholders via email, push notifications to mobile devices or watches.  When the issue is resolved, the ticket in StrataFlows can be marked as done with any additional details as to when/why/how it as resolved etc.  

StrataFlows’ dashboards can be configured to show the status of each line to give the higher ups in the organization a view of how efficient the lines are running, how often are lines having trouble, what kind of trouble and how fast are they getting resolved.  This provides valuable insights to the factory managers and ultimately the C-Suite executives on where the bottleneck is on the factory floor.  

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