Technology Solutions: Thriving Amid Disruptions

Resiliency has been the overwhelming theme in the past year as companies have grappled with changes in the supply chain due to Covid-19. As the ProMatDX approaches in April, manufacturers are reminded of software solutions that give them more visibility in their supply chain as they recover and prepare for future disruptions. According to Kearney, a leader in management consulting, “Responding during a crisis requires real-time data about where materials and products…It also requires control towers that can orchestrate operations from end to end”.

Operations improvements have been traditionally done by siloing planning, manufacturing, and procurement. Optimizing each function individually often results in bottlenecking at the weakest link. Companies are now moving towards adding value and assessing risks across the entire supply chain. Manufacturers are now riding the waves of digital transformations in order to build capacity into the supply chain, monitor suppliers for risks, and require more from suppliers of critical items.

Technology is essential to staying resilient in uncertain times with visibility being the first key. Lennox, a provider of climate control products, identified 200 “micro-climates” by getting visibility to their entire supply chain. By using sophisticated analytics they had more inventory at the right locations and improved customer service and inventory levels by 16 and 25 percent, respectively, according to Treasury & Risk. Performing analytics can optimize your firm across the entire supply chain as well as help you implement rapid response strategies, taking your company to the next level.

StrataFlows is the cloud-based platform to proactively plan for and keep up with changes in material movement and supply chain. Our platform is an incident command center allowing users to have end-to-end real-time visibility when a part goes missing or a supplier is late. We help clients stay resilient in these times by keeping production flowing by tracking suppliers, demand, and issues, and give them the tools they need to take action. The Hot Parts and Issue Tracker modules help our clients keep their continuous improvement goals by giving visibility and collaboration tools to stay agile in a changing market. Click here for a free trial of StrataFlows.

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