Material Flow Action Guide

A guide to help build smarter, more resilient, material flow processes

Managing part shortages isn’t fun.

In an increasingly competitive world, you may have developed highly optimized production systems with a focus on Just in Time delivery. Generally, this lean production method is a very efficient strategy. Its’ focus on producing with short lead times and throughput can allow for delivering manufactured goods very quickly and reliably— however, in part because of how finely tuned these productions systems are, disruptions to the flow of parts due to unexpected shortages or exceptions can lead to costly interruptions in production.

What can be done to detect and avoid shortages?

The StrataFlows Material Flow “Hot Parts” Action Guide explores 7 steps you can implement today to overcome disruptions and ensure your “hottest” parts are available at the right time, place, and quantity.


Read the guide and learn how to…

Reduce volume in material expedites for a resilient supply chain

Act fast and smart when ultimately “hot” parts need to be expedited

Improve predictability with capturing the right metrics for root cause analysis

Turn material flow into your competitive advantage with fewer costly disruptions

Hot Parts in Material Flow