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StrataFlows is your simple software solution for optimizing your material flows. Acting as an incident command center, StrataFlows’ modules consolidate and automate existing workflow systems into one centralized, easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

The affordable, easy to use tool that Deere, Case, and others use to effectively deal with material flow disruptions.

Modules Built to Optimize Your Material Flow

Hot Parts

Hot Parts

Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker

Downtime Tracker

Downtime Tracker

Supplier Expedite

Supplier Expedites​

cycle count

Inventory Count

Task Management

Material Availability at Point of Use (MAPOU)

See what our clients have to say

Trinity Case Study

“Before using StrataFlows our team was fielding 150-200 part requests a day via email, phone calls, and Excel sheets. After implementing StrataFlows, we are now down to 10-15 requests a day.” …READ MORE
– Jay Rudisill

Hodge Case Study

“I’m so relieved to no longer worry about the stress of juggling hundreds of emails daily with copies of Excel spreadsheets trying to track and communicate changes … There will always be issues that still interfere with that, but with this system, we can have the necessary visibility and control to know we’ve done what we can to ensure parts are where they need to be.” …READ MORE
– Jay Zimmer

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