Robotic Process Automations

Automate manual tasks with an RPA solution 

Stop wasting valuable time on repetitive tasks and spend more time on strategic initiatives with a Robotic Process Automation solution. 

The ease of robotics - Eliminate time spent on manual tasks

StrataFlows’ RPA solution helps you focus on strategy and mission critical work while bots handle menial tasks often prone to human error. Your team will have more time to work on Continuous Improvement in your manufacturing processes and spend less time on manual system updates.

Benefits of RPA solutions:

Automate what you want, when you want


Pull data from any StrataFlows or any application including legacy systems


If needed, manipulate or transform the data to apply business logic


Push data to any application, Excel, SAP, Oracle, email, or any other.

How it Works

It may sound mystical and magical, but RPA is quite simple.  A piece of software running on a computer programmatically pushes the same buttons in the application’s user interface (UI) similar to how a human would.  Possibly copying data from one app and pasting it into the UI in another.  Or grabbing data, transforming or enriching it then pasting it back to augment business logic.   

For example, reading data from a StrataFlows form and pushing it to an ERP system like SAP or Oracle.  The RPA can watch for requests to reach a certain state and trigger logic to update the corresponding entry in the ERP system automatically in the background eliminating the need for a human to do this work.  It can do it at a high volume by watching continuously in the background for the opportunity to do work for you.

This can all be done securely using a number of techniques.  Ask us how.  

Features designed with you in mind

StrataFlows has been in the business of Robotic Process Automation since its inception. We already have some out-of-the-box modules for you to choose from. We can also build you a solution to fit your needs; Click here to request a free consultation. Here are 6 of our most popular offerings: 

For each incident, you can capture the following details and more:

  • Hot Parts: Avoid disruptions due to part shortages by automating part expedites from external warehouses 
  • Issue TrackerAutomatically track issues impairing material flow to ensure resolution 
  • Supplier ExpeditesAutomates the full process of expediting parts from a supplier–from submission, supplier communication, through delivery–providing visibility throughout 
  • Inventory CountUseful for cycle counts or one-off sampling of inventory in the warehouse or plant floor 
  • Material Availability at Point of Use (MAPOU)Analyze the cause of missing parts 

Benefits of using StrataFlows


Using the reports and dashboard, visualize trends, week-over-week and month-over-month to see where you are improving.

Root Cause Analysis

Systematically track the resolution of the cause applying root cause analysis for the most common causes using 5-Whys or Fishbone techniques.

Native Mobile App

Enter issues via a mobile device from the plant floor.


Get alerts on your mobile device or email when issues occur or are resolved.


Integration with other systems via an API supports automated tracking.


Easily synchronize data into data analysis tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Excel, or Tableau.

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