Solutions: Reduce Production Downtime

Task Management

Reduce production downtime due to material flow issues by up to 80%

StrataFlows’ modules process modules are highly integrated and customizable solutions that help ensure improvements are being made to your supply chain needs

Typical Challenges StrataFlows Addresses

Key Features of the StrataFlows Portal

Dashboard Reports

View up to date Key Performance Measures on your dashboards, enabling real-time decision making, effective forecasting, trend analysis and meeting projected benchmarks.

Request Routing

Automatically accept and direct requests and inquiries to the right department or individual, ensuring each is promptly processed with as little effort as possible.

Out of Box Modules

Automatically accept and direct requests and inquiries to the right department or individual, ensuring each is promptly processed with as little effort as possible.

Workflow Management

Built-in, state of the art workflows track the state of the request and are easily configured to handle different types of processes.

Printable PDF

Generate printable PDF documents (such as orders or invoices) that can automatically be sent by email based on a workflow action.

Native Mobile App

Get alerted through push notifications, check the status of a request, perform actions to keep requests moving, and enter new requests all from the plant floor while on the go.

Professional Services

Premium edition is highly customizable to meet the most demanding requirements. Professional services to leverage the customizability are available.​

Top-Level Security

Secured by SSL and is a highly available, cloud-hosted solution. Developed based on cyber security best practices.

Cloud-Managed Solution

Simplified IT management. Nothing to install or upgrade, completely cloud-hosted. Scalability and disaster recovery built-in by leveraging the cloud platform’s native support.​


Resolve material flow issues more quickly

Multiple warehouse communication

Support lean with root cause documentation

Improve material flow across the supply chain

Gain real-time updates from the shop floor

Bridge or plug process automation gaps

Expedite parts requests from suppliers

Avoid downtime due to unavailable parts

Go digital and mobile--nothing to install

Available Process Modules

Hot Parts

Hot Parts

Avoid disruptions due to part shortages by automating part expedites from external warehouses.

Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker

Automatically track issues impairing material flow to ensure resolution.

Supplier Expedite

Supplier Expedites​

Automates the full process of expediting parts from a supplier–from submission, supplier communication, through delivery–providing visibility throughout.

cycle count

Inventory Count

Useful for cycle counts or one-off sampling of inventory in the warehouse or plant floor.

Downtime Tracker

Downtime Tracker

Nothing impacts the bottom line more than under utilization of production capacity due to unplanned downtime.

The modules listed above are just some examples of how Strataflows can improve your factories through-put. If the stock modules described on this site do not fit your needs, click here to request a free consultation to see if tailoring one of the many other modules we’ve done for other customers might be right for you.

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